The internationally renowned Baker McVeigh equine clinics were founded in 1963 by Dr Brian Baker in Summerveld, in the heart of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Baker’s pursuit of service excellence soon established the fledgling practice as one of the most sought after equine hospitals in South Africa, performing standing geldings and tie backs long before their colleagues in Europe.

When John McVeigh joined Dr Baker in 1990, he brought a renewed vision to the practice.  His pioneering spirit, results driven approach, and aspirational philosophy towards prevention rather than cure began to attract a highly esteemed international clientele, demanding the services and expertise of Baker McVeigh beyond the borders of South Africa. In 2003 the Cape practice was founded, followed by the first UK practice in Newmarket in 2006.  The Baker McVeigh group expanded to France in 2010, when they opened in Chantilly, and in 2014 they added Yorkshire and Lambourn to their UK compliment.

The Baker McVeigh group now employs around 40 professional vets, offering elite equine care from fully equipped, accredited equine hospitals and equine clinics, together with extensive ambulatory services to racehorses, sport horses, polo ponies and leisure horses.  Baker McVeigh service each client with a unique approach and a wealth of experience, setting them apart as one of the world’s largest and most sought after groups of equine veterinarians.

On a daily basis, a Baker McVeigh vet can be consulting in up to eight different countries, ensuring continuity of know-how, service and individuality on behalf of their larger international clients.  This ability to transcend borders differentiates the group as “unique in the world”.