Dr Jess Dicks (South African)


Jess was raised in South Africa and studied her first year BSc at Rand Afrikaans University then went on to Onderstepoort. She worked in South Africa in a sports horse/repro practice for two years, after which she did a spell in the UK performing locums with similar practices.

Jess returned to South Africa to join Baker McVeigh Summerveld in 2009. She fulfilled the duties of senior racing and repro vet, servicing many of their top yards. In her own words she describes her passions; “I am an adventurer at heart and love to travel, I mostly love the mountains and rivers. The crazier the trip the better!"  

"I enjoy working in the horseracing environment.  I’m a softie though and, whether the horse is a top rated race horse or in the lower ranks, they all get loads of attention from me (often in the form of hugs and back scratches but don’t tell my partners that!). Jokes aside, I love walking into a racing barn and seeing all the eager potential and aspiring talent, especially as the yearlings are being brought in to start their careers. Being part of a team, from the trainer to the horse’s groom, that gets a horse to peak performance is very rewarding.  I also enjoy reproductive work, especially working with brood mares."

Jess is based in Lambourn, UK, with good support provided from our Newmarket and Yorkshire Practices.