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Dr John McVeigh (Scottish)


A renowned figure in international horse racing circles, John McVeigh leads the Baker McVeigh group. He has been an integral part of its growth and expansion for over three and half decades and has overseen the business expanding to six practices over three continents. John is currently based in Summerveld at the Kwa-Zulu Natal practice, and he continues to travel monthly to the other 5 practices to offer his knowledge and expertise to all of the group's international clients.

John annually visits horse sales in England, Ireland, France, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and of course South Africa.

He is an avid reader, especially on aeroplanes, and he takes pleasure in rugby, cooking and cycling.

He endorses the group`s conviction that prevention of disease or unsoundness as well as service excellence are the Baker McVeigh creed and cornerstone.