Summerveld, ZA

In 1963 the renowned Dr Brian Baker established an Equine Hospital in Summerveld.  In a pristine valley, between the rolling hills of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Brian found the ideal place to open what is now one of the most highly accredited equine hospitals in South Africa.

Emergency services are fully equipped at all times to ensure that, should the worst happen, they are thoroughly prepared. The hospital’s extensive ambulatory service forms a part of this emergency care. The Summerveld team is comprised of some of the best equine vets in South Africa, offering their professional and precise expertise to the equestrian community in Kwa-Zulu Natal. They tend to racehorses, all sport horses including dressage, showjumping and polo, right down to the family “lawnmower”.

The Baker McVeigh Equine Hospital, Summerveld offers a reproductive section where vetinarians perform any specialised fertility procedures on request.  The hospital offers a stallion semen collection service and has recently invested in new equipment, including installing a “phantom” (dummy mare) to use in the collection process. Stallions can either be trained to use the dummy or the resident "teaser mare" can be used for those stallions who prefer "the real thing".

Meet The Team

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Miriam Altschul - Financial Manager

Samantha Taylor - Newmarket Debtors and Debtors Manager

Vikki Knight - Receptionist

Robyn Mitchell – Bookkeeper and H.R. Manager

Mel Nortje – Debtors Summerveld

Mobongeni Gxumisa – Head Groom

Petros Nxazonke – Head Groom

Promise Ndlovu – Pharmacy

Ashlee Hogg – Account Admin Newmarket, Yorkshire and Lambourn

Angela Dupouy – Debtors Summerveld

Kylie Theys - Account Admin Newmarket

Wesley Terblanche – Debtors Cape Towm

Caysie Przybylski – Debtors Cape Town

TJ Summerfield – Account Admin Newmarket    

Tania Curran - Admin Assistant Summerveld                                         


Summerveld, South Africa


Contact No : +27 (31) 769 1204/57

Cell No: +27 (83) 271 1607

Littlefields Farm, D391, Summerveld, 

KwaZulu Natal 3650 (SA)

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