Yorkshire, UK

Baker McVeigh & Abbott is the Northern branch of the internationally acclaimed group. It is based in Malton in Yorkshire and was established in 2014. After many years in the global equestrian veterinary world, Brian Abbott formed the now highly successful Baker McVeigh & Abbott. Camilla Nock and Paul Lentelink have since joined the team. Their aim is to offer an excellent first line ambulatory practice to the equine world.

The Yorkshire practice is fully equipped with a range of mobile modern diagnostic and medical equipment which enables them to offer the best possible service to the equine community of Yorkshire. They not only provide a daily service to some of the biggest and most successful race yards in the UK, but also a comprehensive service to all kinds of horses and ponies in all disciplines across Yorkshire.

Meet The Team

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 Jeannie Brown - Office Manager

Freya Brewer- Vet Assistant

Vanessa Thompson - Vet Assistant


 Yorkshire, UK 


Contact No : +44(0) 1653 919001 

 Derwent Mount, 6 York Road, Malton,  Yorkshire Y017 6AX (UK)

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